Research and Resources

Research and Resources The Academy as a Think-and-Do Tank
The Academy’s unique vision and innovation, developed by founder Aaron Stern, is influenced by and grounded in a body of sound research. We follow developments in educational philosophy, maintaining a library of research that catalogues where and how schooling and learning is being reimagined in vital ways.

Foundational Studies and Practices

Foundational Studies and Practices Encounter Learning as a Practice through the Academy’s Foundational Programs
The Academy Foundational Programs invite community members to explore and develop the learning impulse as a practice for “waking up” through a variety of intensive workshops, community conversations and longer courses.

We believe that lasting, positive change can occur when we liberate the learning process from the four walls of our schools and institutions. To begin, we need to bring our attention and awareness to the learning impulse itself.

Institute For Living Story

Institute For Living Story Catalyzing Learning Through Arts and Community Engagement
Creative expression and storytelling are powerful pathways to learning and waking up. They can be a catalyst for connection and positive change, inspiring open and respectful dialog and empowering our community.

Institute for Teaching

Institute for Teaching A Love of Learning instead of a Fear of Failing
Masterful teaching shifts the course of our lives. Teachers, mentors, coaches, family members, even bosses bring out our passions, uncover our talents, and guide us toward discovering who we are and what is ours to do in the world. Invariably, it is who they are, as much as what they do, that inspires us. Their curiosity, wonder and love of learning compel us to step into new fields and discover our own paths.