Coming Full Circle

A Contemplative Training in the Art of Dying
Journey into the simple truth and extraordinary transformative power of the dying process. This multi-day training is an opportunity to re-vision and remember our place in the web of life and to celebrate each other in our shared potential and joyful expressions.

Our human experience is marked by impermanence and transition: forms, phases, relationships and, ultimately, our physical bodies pass away. Through a series of modular workshops, Coming Full Circle invites participants to examine the transformative power of the dying process and remember our place in the web of life.

Coming face-to-face with the supreme mystery of death, we meet fundamental questions like “Who am I?” and are called to review our lives, heal, and open more fully to our unique gift to serve each other and the world.

Each year, Coming Full Circle invites participants to look closely at personal and cultural attitudes toward death and dying through three 3-day modules and gatherings. Participants explore their personal beliefs and feelings about death and dying, as well as Eastern and Western approaches to end-of-life practices. Participants also examine the role of grief for in-depth transformation, both personally and for our world, and develop skills to walk with others during the transition of dying. The groups discuss rituals to honor these passages, explore a variety of arts to enter death’s mystery and contemplate how studying death and dying supports our ability to manifest our lives and dreams more fully and deepen their study of surrender.

The training includes practices of contemplation and meditation and strengthens skills for caregivers. It discusses practical elements of navigating hospitals and community resources and investigates the physiology and emotions of pain. Awakening to ancestral healing and wisdom practices, participants will use art to celebrate life with the dying and their families and develop a Ritual of Celebration for our continued lives and possibilities. For details about the modules and offerings, please click on the “Trainings” button below.


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