Toolkits and Training

Materials Based on Our Learning Model

This space will provide links to toolkits and trainings based on the Academy’s Learning Model. These toolkits will include instructions and video support materials on how to activate learning and transformation, and how to identify topic areas in your own community, so a community can take charge of its own ongoing learning and transformation and share with others. We already see emerging examples of program dissemination in the request for Leading By Being programming coming from 1440 Foundation and its new Multiversity. The 1440 foundation has awarded us a grant for 2015/16 to help us to prepare LBB for general dissemination, and we are working on a still being defined partnership that will place a bespoke version of the program in their Multiversity setting.

The transmission and dissemination of our core capacities will be evaluated, aided, and empirically supported by the research project currently being conducted at the Academy by the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Investigating Healthy Minds. Its founder, Richard Davidson, and his lab are in a 3-year project studying the Academy’s work in transformative learning and its impact. This study, which is set to conclude in early 2017, will give us a solid platform and evidence base of past success from which to build interest in our dissemination toolkits.

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