El Otro Lado Culminating Event

Thanks to everyone for your support for the El Otro Lado events over the past month. Here are some highlights from last night’s parent culminating event at Aspen Community School. Stephanie and Socorro, our EOL team, led a beautiful evening, children cheered on their parents, families made art together, and the love of community was palpable.

The evening captured the heart of the program and truly brought us full circle – with glimpses of the early years with Chrissie working with small groups of women and children. EOL closed its 10th year with a similar circle with mothers, children, grandchildren, grandmothers, and partners. Spanish and English blended together to weave the story of the Aspen “Coffee Group.” Each woman stood to share their story, tears, laughter and pride filled the room. It was Brenda, who so eloquently summed it up for us,

“We realized and learned that with the support of each other and the group, we can get through anything – it’s about knowing you belong.”

And so… after a decade, EOL held a final circle (at least for a few months). As most of you know, we will be using the next year to catch our breath, reflect, and update the curriculum, incorporating the very best from the past 10 years to create the next journey for EOL.