Coming Full Circle – Phase III

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Date: January 30th - August 28th, 2015
Time: Multi-day Event
Notes: 150

Total amount: $425, deposit: $150, see below for details, Terms and Conditions

Coming Full Circle: Some Grand Immensity
A Contemplative Training in the Art of Dying with Sanchi Reta Lawler

Phase III

This training is for anyone who has completed the introductory Coming Full Circle within the past 4 years. You are invited to journey into the simple truth and extraordinary transformative power of the Dying Process. It is an opportunity to re-vision and remember our place in the web of life and to celebrate each other in our shared potential and joyful expressions.


In our introductory sessions of Coming Full Circle, we initiated and supported our hearts toward the truth of impermanence and the inevitable passing away of the body, for ourselves and those we love.In making friends and becoming skillful toward the domain of the dying process, a felt-sense of the Awe of this Great Life is naturally radiant in our personal expressions and relations.

In Phase III, we will continue to deepen our study within the necessary surrender to this supreme mystery, and answer the call toward another cycle of our soul’s journey. We will call upon each person’s life story to promote personal and collective healing whereby we are a full participant in the natural cycle of “end-of-life.”

As practitioners of Coming Full Circle make their return to this study, by virtue of the topic, we co-create a field of nurturance that brings honesty, love, and engaged respect for the unique lives that we are. We are a step closer in the remembrance and actualizing of the Awakened Heart.

In this gathering, we will explore and investigate our lives and grow skill from the perspectives of the following aspects:

  • Review contemplations and meditation practices that enhance our realization of NOT KNOWING: the key to spaciousness and release in both Living and Dying.
  • Open to the heart of the Care-giver, providing keys to Love and Presence, skillful means in both giving and receiving care, and transformative blessing in Service.
  • Activate the heart of sacred sorrow through our personal stories, and by making an offering of their wisdom elements to our prayer for the world. We will also receive the transmission of the practice of Tonglen.
  • Develop skill in navigating hospital systems and community resources to optimize information and support. Investigate the physiology and emotions of pain in order to support relief from suffering.
  • Energize our availability to Ancestral healing and wisdom through shamanic retrieval and listening to the Wind.
  • Explore creative offerings in art, music, poetry, and video/audio to enhance gleaning of life for those in the dying time and their families.
  • Create a Ritual of Celebration for our continued Life and Possibility on behalf of All Beings!


Jan 29: Thursday evening 6:45 pm – 9:00 pm
Jan 30/31: Friday and Saturday 8:45 am – 5:00 pm
Feb 1: Sunday 8:45 am – 4:00 pm


Total amount $425: Deposit: $150, plus $275 due on the first day of this advanced training (Includes tuition and in-class study materials. Snacks and beverages provided.) Limited partial scholarships available.


Space is limited: To register please send $150 deposit to secure your place. Register online, see above.


Please contact Patty Nagle for more information.

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