De Dónde Somos

Witnessing Individual and Collective Stories
Art! Music! Community! Please join us at the El Otro Lado in the Schools third annual culminating event, featuring the artwork and stories of over 200 Santa Fe youth, teachers and teaching artists.

Event Details

Date: Friday, April 21st, 2017
Time: 5:00 PM- 7:30 PM
Notes: Open to the public!

El Otro Lado in the Schools (EOL) brings classrooms alive through story-based, arts-rich experiential learning. EOL matches classroom teachers with artists to engage in a yearlong exploration of family identity and culture, sense of home and belonging, and unique stories.

At the program’s conclusion, students, families and community are invited to celebrate and witness the power of the student and teacher stories through their creative expressions. The culminating event is the opportunity to see the incredible work of the classes across Santa Fe. This year there will be masks, dream boxes, paintings, lanterns, light boxes, original music, video collections and more that illuminate the diverse and powerful stories of who we are.

The impact of this program reaches new depths when the wider community witnesses and honors the work of our students, teachers and teaching artists. When we learn a different side of another’s story, we in turn may see ourselves in a new light and strengthen ties as a community.

Laura Mayo Rodriquez, a teacher at Nava Elementary School expressed the power of learning another side of her student’s story: “I saw students who had a hard time with other parts of academics stand up on the stage in front of a crowd and share a part of themselves that I had never got to witness before.”



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