Disorientation is a Gift!

Learn how instability can call forth wisdom, creativity and strength
How is it that when familiar ways of being are disrupted, we often receive profoundly life-changing insights? This workshop explores disorientation as an opportunity for transformation.

Event Details

Date: Saturday, February 18th, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
Notes: This workshop is part of the Academy’s Foundational Program series

When life seems to be falling apart, when our familiar ways of being are disrupted and what we have known to be ‘real’ or ‘true’ no longer seems to make any sense, we often receive our most life-changing insights. Looking back, we may be surprised to discover that times of greatest instability have called forth in us wisdom, creativity and strength that we never knew we possessed.

During this workshop, we’ll explore how we can befriend disorientation as an opportunity for learning and transformation. We’ll ask, “who am I in the process of change, and what can we can we learn about ourselves as we navigate these challenging moments?”

This workshop is part of the Academy’s new Foundational Series. These five one-day workshops expand upon some of the topics of our popular Evenings of Exploration and explore the overarching question: Who Am I? You can take the workshops individually, or you can take the whole series.

Each daylong workshop is designed around an exercise from the first phase of the Academy’s foundational training: Leading by Being, and will introduce you to the Academy’s learning model and some of the methods and theory central to our work. Through experience and interactive dialogue we’ll discover how the intentional practice of learning can lead not merely to the accumulation of knowledge and skill, but also to personal transformation and the expression of our innate gifts and unique qualities.

Join us for this adventure in ‘learning as a practice.’

Supported in part by the 1440 Fund, an advised fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation.


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