Early College Opportunities School Teacher Learning Workshops

From Plans to Projects: Teacher Unlearning with ECO School
The Academy is proud to partner with the Early College Opportunities School of SFPS for a unique summer workshop for teachers, underwritten by the LANL Foundation.

Event Details

Date: June 10th - June 2nd, 2016
Time: Multi-day Event
Notes: Open only to ECO staff

A partnership with the new project-based ECO School of Santa Fe Public Schools, the Plans to Projects Workshop series invites ECO teachers into the Academy learning model to open themselves to new forms of pedagogy. Teachers will explore their own beliefs and assumptions about teaching and learning through signature Academy experiences, including the Impulse Exercise, Journey Mapping, Collaborative Art Creation, and the Partnering Process. ECO staff will also spend time working on their own agenda, drawing energy and clarity from the complementary Academy workshops.

Workshop 1: Tuesday, June 7: 9 AM-12 PM (LB Room)
Workshop 2: Weds, June 8: 1-3:30 PM (Living Room)
Workshop 3: Thurs, June 9: 9 AM-12 PM (Art Studio)
Workshop 4: Fri, June 10: 9 AM-12 PM (Art Studio)
(4 workshops. 6 days total)

-underwritten by LANL Foundation


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