Introduction to Certificate in Learning as a Practice

An hourlong informational session
Beginning in January 2020 all of our Evenings of Exploration and multi-day Foundation Studies programs offered in Santa Fe will be tied to a “Certificate in Learning as a Practice.” We are offering two open evenings in 2020 to answer questions and give a general overview of the level 1 Certificate Program. Unlike our other offerings this will not be an experiential workshop.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020
Time: 6:30 PM- 7:30 PM
Location: Academy Campus in Seton Village

The “Certificate in Learning as a Practice” allows participants to work through our programming in pathways with a faculty advisor and a community of co-learning peers, if desired, or continue participating in them as one-offs without the certificate option.

The Certificate offers a clear pathway for participants who are interested in deepening their work at the Academy. The level 1 curriculum is made up of five free Evenings of Exploration and four fee-based foundational workshops.

Participants are required to fill out an application and will be paired with a faculty advisor. Participants will be able to matriculate at any time and any workshop completed in 2020 or later will count towards the certificate. The introduction to Learning as a Practice is prerequisite for further levels of certification and we imagine introducing a level 2 within 2-3 years.

Learn more about the Certificate in Learning as a Practice program and application steps here.


Academy Campus in Seton Village
Seton Village Rd, Santa Fe, NM, USA

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