Introduction to Standing in Life’s Strength

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Date: Monday, September 29th, 2008
Time: 9:00 AM- 2:00 AM

Introduction to Standing in Life’s Strength

Opening To Life’s Fundamental Support of Ourselves and Our Work in the World

with Marianne Murray

To be strong in our lives, and to bring full expression to our work in the world, we need to feel that life itself supports us and that we are in its flow. We must open ourselves to life, and to the ancestral path through which life came to us. To truly say ‘yes’ to life opens us up to receive its power and beauty.

Whatever our stories – joys and sorrows, suffering and satisfaction – the truth is that only through our parents, and the ones who came before them, do we attain the great gift of life. The tricky question is this: can we truly acknowledge our parents for this unfathomable gift, and can we fully accept the life they alone have given to us, with all its messiness and beauty?

This workshop will introduce Family Constellation work, as well as contemplative practices and the Academy’s Learning Field approach, to re-member and liberate the support of life.



Marianne Murray is a member of the core facilitation team, and serves on the Board of Directors. She has a Ph.D. in transformative learning and an MA in transpersonal psychology. She specializes in transpersonal practices in her work with individuals and groups, and is a breathwork practitioner, body worker, and systemic constellations facilitator.



This workshop is part of the Rites of Passage Series

In times of great change it is necessary to practice and perfect the skill of letting go of the old and opening to the new. However, in our culture we are taught the opposite – to hold on at all cost. We are unskilled in one of the most basic human processes: learning to let ourselves die to new life. Yet, collectively, we are being swept forcefully into the death of our current unsustainable paradigm and the birth of something new.

The Academy’s Rites of Passage Series will help us develop the capacities and practices that will reconcile and loosen our holding patterns, by delving deeply into life passages — including death and dying, gender reconciliation, self- renewal and reflection and our roles in social change. These ceremonies and explorations will give passage to deeper levels of our humanity and guide us into ways of honoring the past while inviting new ways of being and doing. Each season we will be introducing new courses and trainings designed to guide us through these passages of death and rebirth, transforming our selves and therefore our worlds.

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