Leading by Being®: The Academy’s Foundation Course

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Date: Friday, November 12th, 2010
Time: 6:00 PM- 2:00 PM


This is an interactive evening where we will introduce our philosophy of leadership and transformational learning. You’ll have the opportunity to meet former participants and current facilitators. There will also be time for your specific questions regarding program content, costs and logistics.


A Transformative Journey Into Personal Leadership

Do you think of yourself as a leader? If not, think again…
If you’re engaged, reflective, and self-aware — if you continually learn from your experiences — the chances are that you bring personal leadership to many aspects of your life.

At the Academy, personal leadership means being — from the inside, out — ‘the change that you want to see in the world’ around you.

The Academy’s foundational Leading by Being® training takes you into an experiential learning journey, discovering and engaging your capacity for personal leadership in your chosen areas of work and expression.

The journey begins with self-exploration: Who am I?

How do you show up in the world — physically, energetically, psychologically, soul-fully — and what are the habitual patterns that keep your aliveness hidden? Learning becomes a personal practice for transformation.

The second phase of the journey asks: Who are we?

The group becomes the catalyst for individual transformation and you encounter the dynamic possibility that lives in a group Learning Field.

Finally, the Leading by Being® journey brings the opportunity to explore What is it? and develop your own unique ‘flavor’ of expression in one of five areas:

  • Personal Leadership
  • Learning Field Facilitation
  • Arts and Community Engagement
  • Parents as the Child’s First Teacher
  • Reimagining Education

Through this foundation course you will gain:

  • A deepening knowledge of your natural and authentic expression of being.
  • Tools to help transform personal limitations and engage with your gifts.
  • Confidence in looking ‘outside the box’ and bringing insight into action.
  • A vision and specific plan of action to move you into a new phase in life and/or work in the world

The next Leading by Being® course begins in October of 2014 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We are now accepting applications!

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Cost: free to the public  |  RSVP required
Facilitated by:
James Bampfield, Patty Nagle and Jessica Lawless
For more information please contact: marissa@aloveoflearning.org or 505.995.1860


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