Learning by Unlearning

Bringing awareness to how we guide and how we’re guided
An experiential investigation into how we give and how we receive, how we teach and how we learn, how we guide and how we follow. When long-held beliefs and habitual ways of being and doing are brought into focus, we reconnect with our inner guidance systems and may experience life-changing insights that allow us to transform.

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, February 21st, 2018
Time: 6:30 PM- 9:00 PM
Location: Academy Campus in Seton Village
Notes: Please RSVP. As this is a short experiential workshop, please arrive by 6:25pm.

This Evening of Exploration centers on somatic experience – from the Greek soma, of or relating to the body – as a means of reintroducing us to our true and natural ways of engaging with one another. In particular we will engage in the Impulse Exercise, one of the Academy’s signature practices. This work, activated in community, is a healing corrective and an opportunity to find your own movements, impulses and directionality as well as support another in theirs.

Participants can expect to come away with:

  • Identified patterns of resistance and acceptance
  • A heightened awareness of how we learn best
  • The ability to make different choices about how we give and receive, lead and follow, teach and learn

Join us for an evening exploration of the ‘love of learning.’ We will introduce you to the Academy’s learning model, and some of the methods and theory central to our work. Through experiential activity and interactive dialogue, we’ll discover how learning can lead not merely to the accumulation of knowledge and skill, but also to personal transformation and the expression of our innate gifts and unique qualities.


Academy Campus in Seton Village
Seton Village Rd, Santa Fe, NM, USA

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