Help us Inspire Santa Fe!

Generations ago, when a young person was ready to graduate from school, he or she would stand in front of the entire community and share what he or she had learned.

The Inspire Santa Fe mentoring program, a collaboration of the Academy and Siete del Norte, is reviving this tradition during our mentorship showcase on Friday, April 22, from 4:30-7:30 by inviting anyone from the community to “review” the wonderful mentorships that have been facilitated this year.

Reviewing is simple but impactful: each reviewer will be assigned 3-4 mentorships to visit, and will engage in a brief (10-15 min) conversation with the mentor and protege to find out what they learned. No judging, no grading: just listening and witnessing the learning. Each mentorship focused on a specific field–architecture, auto mechanics, basketball, kung fu, and much more!

If you’d like to be a reviewer, please contact Seth Biderman by email at, and plan on showing up to the Farmer’s Market between 4:30 and 7:30 on April 22nd. We hope to see you there!

Canton Becker, who decided to become an Inspire mentor this year, reviewed last year and reported this:

“Seth Biderman invited me to participate in the last Inspire Santa Fe culminating event as a community reviewer. I met such amazing kids — what an honor to speak with them about their passions. Right away I knew that I’d like to be involved if there were a good matchup between what I’m an expert at and what some kids want to learn. I’m an artist-inventor and a good teacher. Here’s where I organize my fun projects: