Learning in The Power in Story

This is our seventh introductory blog post to The Power in Story, a three-part series exploring learning and transformation through story. Designed and facilitated by Aaron Stern, Academy Founder and President, and Chrissie Orr, co-founder of El Otro Lado and the Institute for Living Story, the series is for people working with story across disciplines and applications and recognize the capacity of story to enliven and heal.

In this interview, Aaron shares how the series will explore story in a shared learning experience, gathering wisdom and insight from all participants, and bring awareness to the liberating power of individual, community, and cultural stories.

The Power in Story is a three-part series. Intensive 1 is on May 3rd-5th and can be taken as a stand alone. It is a prerequisite to Intensives 2 and 3. However, participants are encouraged to attend all three sessions to experience the wholeness of the series design and receive maximum learning. Learn more by visiting the series listing or contacting co-facilitator Chrissie Orr.

This interview was recorded, transcribed, and edited for readability and a more in-depth overview. An Audio Recording summarizing points from the interview is also available.

In this series, we will listen to each other. All of us have been living on this planet for a long time (and before this time, probably). By sharing with each other the accrued wisdom, understanding, and the basis of awareness that lives in each of us in the room, hopefully, we will form a group wisdom base for all of us. We’ll be able to bring to bear and bring into our own knowledge and awareness ways to strengthen our capacity for liberation and mutual well-being. We can, thereby, enter into story with more courage, more heart, more capacity, more awareness, and more poignancy. [Through awareness] we can choose, let’s say destiny, and avoid the unconscious forces of fate as much as possible.

So it’s a shared learning. There will be expertise from every person in that room about this topic. And we will use Academy methods to help us to harvest learnings and find individual and shared meaning; we’ll build understanding together. We’ll see what patterns live and exist among us that will help us understand, together, what the power in story is. And we have practices, tools, and techniques that will help evoke understanding and give us opportunities to share, reflect, and deepen intimacy with each other. We will bring forth, through vulnerability and shared insight, and walk away from this training with greater degrees of awareness into greater degrees of liberation within the stories we live by.