Living and Learning in a New Key: The Spaces Between

This animation, Living and Learning in a New Key: The Spaces Between, presents a landscape inspired by Academy for the Love of Learning Founder Aaron Stern’s discussion of that which emerges from the cracks between major and minor; a musical expression of the play between the human experience of well being and suffering. We hope you will watch, enjoy, reflect and share.

The original composition by Leonard Bernstein that you hear in the film, as played by Aaron Stern, is called Thirteen Anniversaries and was a gift from Bernstein to Aaron. Shortly after completing the composition, Bernstein created an orchestral setting of the piece with added voice and entitled it Opening Prayer. This composition premiered at the gala re-dedication of Carnegie Hall in November of 1986. Later Bernstein incorporated the piece as the final movement of his last orchestral work, Concerto for Orchestra.