The El Otro Lado training is designed for educators, artists, counselors, activists or others working in community settings who are passionate about bringing positive change. We do this by exploring new ways of learning and leading, developing skills for facilitating, sharing and collecting personal stories, and integrating the arts and creative process into group/classroom settings. Throughout the 9-months, we explore themes of collaboration, community, place, reflection, and the power of story through artistic expression.


1. Provide participants with a creative, experiential curriculum rich with story and guided support as they implement an El Otro Lado project in their community.

2. Discover together that our community stories have the power to inspire empathy and a sense of belonging.

3. Apply the creative process to evoke conversations that lead to new understandings of who we are as human beings in the connection to the world around us.

4. Engage in transformational experiences that activate a deep inquiry.

5. Develop tools and practices to use experiential, arts-incorporated learning on a regular basis.

6. Offer high-quality guidance on how to facilitate story workshops using the creative process through experiential training.

7. Explore the art of teaching and facilitating through a collaborative partnership.

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