The Academy’s work is centered in the research, development and implementation of a particular model, or pattern, that we believe is fundamental to all learning – we call it the learning field. Our work and this model have grown out of our experiences as artists, educators and consultants.

Since the Academy’s incorporation as a 501(c)3 in 1998, we have been actualizing this work through core trainings and ongoing seminars, workshops and consultancies in Sedona, Arizona; Big Sur, California; Santa Fe, New Mexico; New York; and Europe. The model continues to be refined through these programs and our ongoing engagement in the world.

Individuals and Organizations With Whom We Work

We work with people who are engaged with groups and individuals in the midst of growth and change. Typically, participants in our trainings include teachers, consultants, artist-educators, facilitators, managers, and leaders of all kinds. Our advisory services, offered through our Ventana project, are with schools and educational organizations, spiritually oriented organizations, and foundations that cultivate life-affirming, sustainable patterns in the social fabric of our culture.