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A Love of Learning instead of a Fear of Failing
Masterful teaching shifts the course of our lives. Teachers, mentors, coaches, family members, even bosses bring out our passions, uncover our talents, and guide us toward discovering who we are and what is ours to do in the world. Invariably, it is who they are, as much as what they do, that inspires us. Their curiosity, wonder and love of learning compel us to step into new fields and discover our own paths.

The Academy for the Love of Learning’s Institute for Teaching offers a series of programs and research initiatives that seek to ennoble and enliven this type of teaching, in and out of schools. These programs, growing out of three decades of scholarship and practice by Academy founder Aaron Stern, invite participants to engage with the Academy’s learning model and discover how to blend personal experience, reflection and critical inquiry, with academic curricula. The model sets up learning so that it is not driven by a fear of failing—as too often happens in school settings—but by a sense of wonder, self-discipline, and our natural love of learning.

The Institute for Teaching currently offers the following ongoing programs:

  • El Otro Lado in the Schools, a classroom-based exploration into identity and story;
  • Teacher Renewal, a semester long course for teachers in and out of schools;
  • Teacher Renewal Summer Institute, a three-day intensive;
  • Inspire Santa Fe, a citywide mentorship collaborative linking young people with community members in an area of shared interest (in partnership with Siete del Norte, another non-profit);
  • Wisdom Circle, monthly gatherings of a small cohort of classroom teachers;
  • Support for the Classroom Fellows Program, an accelerated alternative licensure program for the local school district.

To learn how the Academy’s Institute for Teaching can help you ennoble and enliven teaching in your school, workplace or community, click the link below or call 505-995-1860.

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