Story Gathering

Sharing Stories Offers Intergenerational Connections
The Story Gathering project brings youth, community members, and elders together to share stories and life experiences. Participants collaboratively shape stories into new works of writing and art to present to the wider community.

This creative engagement project, born out of the Lifesongs program, builds relationships across generations, fosters social inclusion for elders, and integrates the wisdom of elders into the community.

The Story Gathering project began in 2015 as a pilot program. Created by Lifesongs as a way for people to engage whether or not they come with a musical background, the first year included 4th graders from Santa Fe Waldorf School and elders from the Santa Fe Care Center. Participants worked in small groups, and over the course of 12 weeks, built meaningful relationships as they shared stories and songs, danced, laughed and even cried together. The second year continued the collaboration with the Santa Fe Waldorf School, and developed new collaborations in the Santa Fe Public schools.

Witnessing and sharing the stories and expressions of our elders is vital to our community well-being in an age when their stories are often lost. Bringing youth and elders together in this story-work allows for a transmission and exchange of vital wisdom and experience, and cultivates empathy and an ethic of care.

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