Teacher Renewal Summer Institute

Recharge Your Wonder
The Teacher Renewal Summer Institute invites classroom educators to explore the power of experiential learning and their own authentic expression in the classroom. During an annual three-day retreat, participants explore how they can be co-learners with their students rather than standing as experts in their classrooms. Learning in solidarity with their students, teachers become the awake, passionate human beings who inspire children and enliven schools.

For three days each June, classroom teachers come together for facilitated arts experiences and deep conversations that harvest learnings from the previous year. Using the Academy’s experiential learning model, participants connect with their original inspiration to teach. Teachers leave with renewed passion, a community of support, and focus for the year to come.

The Summer Institute is open to anyone who works in a K-12 classroom setting and school. Programming differs from the Teacher Renewal Workshop Series, and many participants opt to do both.

“We believe the Teacher Renewal Program’s record of bringing teachers and students back to their natural curiosity is a sustainable resource…This program helps teachers acknowledge and sustain their commitment to teaching, improving teacher resilience and increasing teacher retention.” Dr. Andrea P. Tasan, former Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Santa Fe Public Schools

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