Wisdom Circle

Drawing on the Dedication of Our Teachers
As the national trend in education moves away from collaboration, creative expression, and reflection toward increasing standardized testing, it’s no wonder teachers struggle with a sense of isolation and professional burnout.

Wisdom Circles are helping to provide educators with a community for ongoing support and inspiration. Open to educators who have participated in the Teacher Renewal Workshop Series, these monthly two-hour gatherings are a powerful response to teachers’ vocational needs and longings.

In an environment distinguished by respect, Wisdom Circles bring teachers together to continue their explorations into the heart of learning. Through facilitated conversations, Wisdom Circles are a healing corrective, offering a network of support, opportunities for collaboration and resource-sharing, and a complement of experiential learning and critical theory studies to help teachers deepen and hone their craft. Wisdom Circles are helping to foster a culture that honors and values teachers.

Teachers learn to love their profession again – Albuquerque Journal North



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