El Otro Lado Family Interviews

Nava Elementary School in Santa Fe, New Mexico has been part of the El Otro Lado in the Schools program for seven years, with the teachers making it part of Nava’s school identity. Throughout the year, multiple classrooms experience the El Otro Lado program, using the power of art and creative expression to explore and share individual and collective stories. This year the sixth graders, many of whom had El Otro Lado in fifth grade, deepened their exploration to include their families.

In October, the teachers hosted an El Otro Lado Family Night, followed by students interviewing family members to honor their places and people of origin. To prepare for interviews, students practiced with one another before heading home with a sheet of questions and a recording device.

Several months later, the classes of Ms. Mayo and Ms. Catanach-Mohler created a beautiful collection of family stories. Now the families generously share their stories with you. Come take a listen and discover another side of Santa Fe.

Listen to each interview by clicking on a student’s name, and discover another side of Santa Fe: 

Alex   Andy   Anicia   Dayanara

Desirae   Dulce   Janeth   Jose

Kylee   Landon   Leslie   Nathan

Rafael   Raymundo   Sidney

Tamian  Trescelle