Being on the Earth

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Date: Friday, July 15th, 2011
Time: 9:30 AM- 9:30 AM
Notes: 295

Early Brid: $295 by Sep 2  (Note: To celebrate the first workshop in our Nature based program stream we are offering this at an introductory rate)

Cost: $345 (after Sep 2)

Facilitator: Patty Nagle and Marianne Murray

For more information contact: Patty Nagle



In your day-to-day life…

How often do you stop and feel how extraordinary it is to be alive?

Soak in the brilliance of the air and sky?

Attend to the quiet that lives behind the bustle of human life?

Or open yourself to relationship with the trees, the mountains, the wheeling raven, or the delicate spider?

How often do you slow down and feel the earth beneath you?


Whatever our work in the world, however compelling or meaningful, being an engaged citizen carries a cost as well as rewards. The pace of life, and the demands for attention, effort, and commitment come to shape our sense of reality and we forget the fundamental and simple beauty of our own humanity and our place in the natural world. The cost: a loss of soul connection with the living earth; a forgetting of the wisdom that lives in slowing, listening, and connecting with the natural world; and a wonderful, creative wildness of the heart that remains unlived in our domesticated lives.

This nature-based intensive invites an exploration of inner landscape — reconnecting with the unlived aspects of self — as well as connecting with the land itself. The rhythms of the natural world open us to the deep discernment that lives at the heart of transformation.

During the course of the workshop, you will:

  • Explore many alternative ways to be aware of and in relationship with the natural world
  • Consider how habitual responses narrow the scope of creative possibility
  • Identify a particular theme that is calling you into inquiry
  • Engage with the richness of community — both human and more-than-human
  • Reconnect with your own rhythm and the wisdom of ‘right pace’
  • Find your own form for a practice of slowing down and becoming present

This four-day retreat is the inaugural workshop of the Academy’s nature-based program stream, and is enriching for seasoned outdoorspeople as well as for individuals who are new to the experience of being in the natural world.

As in all our workshops, this retreat is based in the Academy’s transformative learning model, which is the ‘backbone’ of our approach to learning. Through reflective time alone on the land, creative engagement with art and journaling, and by listening and sharing in council with each other and with the natural world, you can experience the renewal and clarity that is the power in slowing.



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