El Otro Lado Culminating Event, EJ Martinez Elementary School

Event Details

Date: May 13th - October 8th, 2015
Time: Multi-day Event

Four Generations
A performance at Seton Castle

Facilitated by: Njoroge Tho-Biaz, Multidisciplinary Teaching Artist
Performed by: 3rd graders from E.J. Martinez Elementary School

To demonstrate their learning experience in the Academy’s El Otro Lado in-the-schools program, a 3rd grade El Otro Lado class from E.J. Martinez will be showcasing their explorations this year here at the Academy! The students will perform at Seton’s Castle around 11:00 am after which they will share their journals and creations through an informal gallery walk in our Leonard Bernstein room. After lunch they’ll return to E.J. Martinez.

The public is invited to watch the play at Seton Castle and to see the art display afterwards.
Note: Please arrive by 10:45 to allow time for parking and to get to the castle before the play starts.

Play Synopsis
Employing improvisational acting, authentic movement (dance) and singing, the children will tell the story of four generations that have lived in an old castle. In each generation things are mysteriously lost. The family desperately tries to retrieve each item lost by the previous generation and their present one. The mystery gets untangled soap opera-style in three little acts.

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