Heart of Action Series: Part II

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Date: Saturday, June 12th, 2010
Time: 9:30 AM- 2:30 AM
Notes: 85

Facilitated by Marianne Murray

In colloboration with the Santa Fe Community Foundation


Heart of Action Series

Heart of Action encourages us to remember and express what lives in our hearts in relation to our work — bringing alignment and vital action to our life. The challenges of living in these times affect us deeply. Developing new capacities in ourselves as well as new responses will allow us to meet these challenges. Join us for a daylong quest to discover and clarify what right action is for you.

The Heart of Action workshops are designed to help you reconnect with your passion and to discover ways to bring alignment and renewed vigor into your work.

“The workshop [Mapping the Territory] helped me really see my place in the world in relation to work, life, play . . . Mapping out your world around you can really help move you through the overwhelming busyness of every day life. Thanks for helping me reconnect to myself!” -Vicki Pozzebon, Executive Director of Santa Fe Alliance, on her experience of Heart of Action Series, Part 1: Mapping the Territory

Part II – Embodied Wisdom: 
Taking action from your ‘inner knowing’

Are you working on the frontlines of change and social action or in the midst of change on a personal and inner level?

Would you like to explore different ways to gain insight into situations that feel ‘stuck’ or difficult?

Embodied Wisdom in the Heart of Action Workshop Series cultivates the ability to use one’s ‘inner knowing’ as a place of guidance for taking action. We explore ways to bring a ‘felt’ sense of inner alignment and energy to one’s work and life. In this one-day workshop you will:

  • Be introduced to new frameworks through which to understand personal action
  • Explore how embodied wisdom can be tapped to bring alignment and energy into your work
  • Identify some of the patterns that influence and shape your life
  • Explore ways of knowing that are often taken for granted – sensing, feeling, intuition, impulse
  • Create your own practices to support your ongoing creativity and expression


Early Bird: $75 on or before June 1

$85 on or after June 2

(payment plans available)

Click here for information on Part I.

NOTE: You can sign-up for Part I and Part II as a series, or individually.


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