Leading by Being

A Two-Year Training Beginning September 2008

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Date: Friday, September 21st, 2012
Time: 12:01 PM- 12:01 PM

Leading by Being

A Two-Year Training Beginning September 2008

Personal Leadership: the intentional process of identifying and bringing what is missing – through action, insight, or stillness.

This form of leadership is what we call Leading by Being. It is rooted in a practice and path of learning, and forms a foundation that supports and sustains the ongoing process of life and transformative change for each participant.

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This program is, literally, the foundation for all the Academy’s work including the fields of education/learning, organizational life, and personal leadership. Taking an integral and experiential approach to learning, the program invites participants into a personal and shared exploration of the fundamental questions: Who Am I? Who Are We? These enduring questions, we believe, must be addressed if we are to experience our full humanity, and take personal leadership as citizens – becoming the change we want to see in the world.

Cost: Please contact Patty Nagle for details

Facilitators: Aaron Stern, Marianne Murray and other senior faculty

For more information or to request an application contact: Patty Nagle


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