Learning through the Body: Awakening Rib Awareness & Function for Wellbeing

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Date: Sunday, February 12th, 2012
Time: 10:00 PM- 10:30 AM

Cost: $45  |  Registration required  |  Space is limited

Facilitator: Donald VanHowten of Life Impressions Bodywork® and Academy Faculty

For more information or to register email Van or call: 505-988-2627



Learning through the Body

The somatic experience is an integral part of the learning process. Through conscious awareness and gentle movement, we can access important information about who we are as human beings and the impressions life has made on us that are stored in the memory of the body. This exploration promotes a deep sense of compassion for our physical reality, offering new options for how we move our bodies, and new pathways for how we move through life in the world.


Awakening Rib Awareness & Function for the Wellbeing of All Systems

Life Impressions Bodywork® offers workshops designed to explore self-corrective responses in our nervous system inspired through movement and manual therapy, and the balance of life force based on principles of Ayurvedic Medicine.

This will be a 2 1/2 hour workshop with generous breaks for integration, walking paths through nature and being with your ‘self’ in movement…between 3 interconnected lessons.

  • Our ribs control 1/3 of the entire spine
  • Ribs house & influence inspiration, respiration and relaxation potential
  • We hold the heart lungs and upper midline viscera within the container of our ribs
  • We often use the ‘ribs & sternum’ as a shield against invasion too often leaving it in place…
  • The ‘chair imprint’ against our back freezes thoracic functional potential
  • Our body’s Life Impression is due for an update —which will be the focus of this class!

Van’s most current teaching combines principles and practices from Ayurveda, Osteopathic medicine and the Feldenkrais method® among others. Ayurveda & Life Impressions Bodywork® embraces the fact that we are Spirit, that has become form. Our physical, emotional, mental and energetic aspects developed from embryonic stages to this moment hold information for personal growth. By exploring our form with great care, safety and support, movement exploration and hands-on contact, we tend to arrive once more at the indwelling Spirit from whence we began.


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