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Date: Sunday, June 7th, 2015
Time: 1:00 PM- 6:00 AM
Notes: 40


A series of workshops with Molly Sturges and Thomas Jaggers 

In this workshop we will explore how we each dwell in our bodies, how we experience our sensitivity, our sacredness, and how this relates to the world that we create and live in. With a focus on fostering empathy & compassion through body awareness and practice, we will engage in qigong, creative activities, guided visualization, and solo/partner/group work.

“I believe that a major part of our challenge is that we are disconnected from our own embodied existence and sensitivities, and being disconnected from ourselves we are disconnected from the greater body of humanity, our fellow human beings, and the body of the Earth. It is this disconnect that allows us to treat each other with such violence and injustice, and to so badly lose sight of the fact that the Earth is our only home and the source of all that nourishes and supports our lives. The Sacred Bodies program attempts to re-enliven our own embodiment and reconnect us to our deep relationships with each other and with the planet.” -Thomas Jaggers



This workshop is the first in a three-part series, Our Sacred Bodies, building our personal and collective capacity for ecological leadership through fostering connections between our sensual body, relational human body and the larger Earth body.

Cost for all three workshops in the series is $100 (save $20 off registering for each individual workshop). *

*To register for all three at the discounted rate please call Kim at 505-995-1860 or email programs@aloveoflearning.org. We are sorry we cannot provide a refund for unused portions of the 3-workshop package but it is transferrable so you can share with a friend!

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