Seton Campfire Stories

Event Details

Date: September 24th - September 9th, 2015
Time: Multi-day Event

Bird Tales

Three stories will be presented by David L. Witt, Curator of the Seton Legacy Project.

Join us for a special Autumnal Equinox and new moon evening presentation of stories by Ernest Thompson Seton. Several of Seton’s favorite tales about birds will be featured in this reading by the light of a campfire at the historic Seton Castle.

Seating by 6:55 pm
Story-telling begins at 7:00 pm

Free to the public and appropriate for all ages.
The event day is subject to change in case of inclement weather. Remember to bring a jacket, evenings can be cool and breezy. Seton Castle is an outdoor venue accessible only by steps and a rock pathway.

“Wherever there are birds, there is hope.” – Mehmet Murat Ildan

For more information please contact: Marissa Roybal
The Stories
Why the Chickadee Goes Crazy Once a Year –An explanation of unusual bird behavior.
Silverspot, the Story of a Crow –One of Seton’s most famous stories based on his observations of a remarkable bird.
The Wild Geese of Wyndygoul –A story of loyalty and true love among birds.

“How many of us have ever got to know a wild animal? I do not mean merely to meet with one once or twice, or to have one in a cage, but to really know it for a long time while it is wild, and to get an insight into its life and history. The trouble usually is to know one creature from his fellow. One fox or crow is so much like another that we cannot be sure that it really is the same next time we meet. But once in a while there arises an animal who is stronger or wiser than his fellow, who becomes a great leader, who is, as we would say, a genius, and if he is bigger, [60] or has some mark by which men can know him, he soon becomes famous in his country, and shows us that the life of a wild animal may be far more interesting and exciting than that of many human beings.” –From Silverspot, the Story of a Crow, by E.T. Seton

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