The Power of Being Present

Slowing down to the Here and Now
How does slowing down increase your capacity to respond (consciously) - instead of reacting (unconsciously) - to what life brings?

Event Details

Date: Saturday, June 24th, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
Notes: This workshop is part of the Academy’s Foundational Program series

We are living in times of transition and challenge. Many of us are searching for balance and a deeper connection with our internal guidance system as we navigate personal, as well as global change. Coming back to deep center and being fully present to whatever is calling us requires us to slow down enough to deepen our awareness of what is so, right now. Slowing down into the now invites us to respond rather than react: to recognize and exercise choice.

How we each slow down may be quite different. For some this means literally sitting still and practicing some form of meditation. For others it can mean intentional movement – heading for the running trail, the garden, or settling into an artistic flow of some kind. Discovering our unique ways of slowing down, and developing them more consciously as practices, greatly impacts our relationship with self and with the world.

During this workshop, we’ll explore “slowing down” and the impact that it has on our lives, asking questions such as:

  • What does slowing down mean to me?
  • What do I notice when I intentionally slow down? Am I present with myself? Am I present with another?
  • How and when do I cut myself off from fully experiencing this moment?
  • What are the rewards and challenges of truly being with whatever is – here and now?
  • What does slowing down have to do with learning and transforming?

This workshop is part of the Academy’s new Foundational Series. These five one-day workshops expand upon some of the topics of our popular Evenings of Exploration and explore the overarching question: Who Am I? You can take the workshops individually, or you can take the whole series.

Each daylong workshop is designed around an exercise from the first phase of the Academy’s foundational training: Leading by Being, and will introduce you to the Academy’s learning model and some of the methods and theory central to our work. Through experience and interactive dialogue we’ll discover how the intentional practice of learning can lead not merely to the accumulation of knowledge and skill, but also to personal transformation and the expression of our innate gifts and unique qualities

Join us for this adventure in ‘learning as a practice.’


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