The Power of the Slowing

Event Details

Date: Saturday, November 14th, 2009
Time: 12:01 PM- 12:01 PM
Notes: 100

The Academy for the Love of Learning is excited to offer The Power of the Slowing,* a new nature-based retreat, in the spectacular landscape of Ghost Ranch in Abiquiú, NM.**

This is a pilot program to explore some of the Academy’s methodologies in the context of the natural world. Participation is by invitation only. However, if you would like to be notified of future nature-based workshops sign-up for our eNews.

The following are some of the key areas we will be exploring in The Power of the Slowing:*

  • Reconnecting with yourself in a deeper way
  • Opening to the inspirational beauty of the natural world
  • Listening to the voice of your own inner wisdom


Program Details:

Program: The Power of the Slowing Retreat

Facilitators: Patty Nagle and Marianne Murray

Dates: Friday, November 13th starting at 12:00 pm through Sunday, November 15th finishing by 1:30 pm

Deposit: To secure a place in the retreat a deposit of $100 is required

Place: Ghost Ranch, Abiquiú, NM**

For more information: contact Patty Nagle / 505-995-1860



* The Power of the Slowing is a phrase used by Gerald G. May in his book The Wisdom of Wilderness

** Ghost Ranch in Abiquiú, NM was chosen because of its stunning red canyons, majestic mesas and amazing skies. This beautiful land is strongly conducive to the work we will be doing, just as it was such an inspiration to the paintings of artist Georgia O’Keefe. Click here for general information about Ghost Ranch and here for specific details regarding the Ghost Ranch facilities.


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