The Wildness in Your Heart

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Date: Sunday, March 6th, 2011
Time: 10:00 AM- 2:00 AM
Notes: 75

Facilitated by: Patty Nagle and Donato Jaggers

For more information contact: Patty Nagle


Take a day to slow down and find your place in the natural world: the land around us, and our own inner ‘undomesticated’ spirit. Re-discover your innate capacity to be in relationship with the natural world, which can enable you to relax more fully into Being and gain deep insight.

The Academy now carries forward Seton’s legacy through a strand of programs that explore finding our right place in nature, in “the family of things”. As we find our place in the natural world, we learn how we can support insight and transformation as we open ourselves to experiencing its mysteries.

The workshop will include time alone on the land, creative process, and reflection on the individual and shared wisdom that can be gained from simply slowing
 down and Being in the presence of the natural world.

For anyone who longs to develop a deeper relationship with the natural world—and to explore more harmonious ways of being, this workshop will offer:

  • Time alone in nature
  • Creative and reflective processes
  • Sharing experience and learning from the group wisdom
  • An opportunity to cultivate a deeper sense of your own place in the natural world

Please note: the workshop will be held outside, on unpaved surfaces.


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