Introducing the El Otro Lado in the Schools 2017/2018 Cohort

1 año, 6 maestros, 3 artistas docentes, 120+ estudiantes, historias incontables…

1 year, 6 teachers, 3 teaching artists, 120+ students, countless stories…

For the 7th year the Academy for the Love of Learning is collaborating with Santa Fe public schools to bring El Otro Lado (EOL) to our local community. This year we are honored to be working once again with teachers and principals from Atalaya & Nava Elementary schools. Please follow along on the blog and our social media channels as we show how these outstanding schools continue to use the power of story, the creative process and the El Otro Lado practices as ways to transform their schools into places where students and families are seen, heard and celebrated.

El Otro Lado in the Schools brings comprehensive, arts-rich experiences to classrooms. The program matches teachers with community artists and hosts trainings and gatherings throughout the year. During these gatherings, educators are guided into reflective explorations of the Academy for the Love of Learning’s practices and learning model and discover innovative ways to use the EOL curriculum to engage in a collective creative process with young people; exploring their connection to land, culture, sense of home and belonging, their own unique story, and the stories that connect us.

This is what some of the members of the cohort have to say about the value of El Otro Lado in their schools:

“El Otro Lado builds meaningful relationships.” -Philomena, Teaching Artist

“El Otro Lado makes time, gives voice, celebrates stories.” -Laura, Teacher

“El Otro Lado develops compassion and builds trust in the classroom.” -Ashley, Teaching Artist

The total cost to bring El Otro Lado in the Schools is $3,000 per classroom. Help us continue to offer this inspirational and important program to Santa Fe schools in the future.


We celebrate the dedication of our 2017 teachers, teaching artists and principals!

Atalaya Elementary

Principal: Kate Diaz

5th Grade teachers: Charlene Abeyta & Dana Gebbia-Perez

Teaching Artist: Ashley Blanton

Nava Elementary

Principal: Brenda Korting

4th & 5th Grade teachers: Lisa Romero & Bill Rodriguez

Teaching Artist: Jocelle Bautista

6th Grade teachers: Laura Mayo-Rodriguez & Danielle Catanach

Teaching Artist: Philomena Salem