Reflecting on The Future of Learning

Thank you for joining us for The Future of Learning Dialogue: Learning in Community featuring writer, political activist, and feminist organizer Gloria Steinem in conversation with Academy Founder and President Aaron Stern and facilitator Tannia EsparzaWe had a transformative experience reflecting on learning as a communal human experience and practice.

We hope to continue to connect with you all around the deep reflections and impactful call-to-action that emerged during our conversation and would like to share our points of reflection from the dialogue.


  • “That Aaron has created this place, is truly, truly a miracle. Santa Fe was always magical to me, but now it is not only magical but it is influencing the outside world because of what the Academy is doing. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Gloria Steinem 
  • How can we bring our awareness and intention into teasing learning apart from education?” Aaron Stern
  • “Change is like a tree. It does not grow from the top-down but from the bottom-up.” Gloria Steinem
  • “My best learning has come from listening to children and elders, mountains and water, and staying awake for the incomparable hope of a sunrise.” Tannia Esparza
  • “I think the future of learning is really the youth. I think everyone needs to step down and listen to the youth, because we have a lot to say and we’re the ones that are gonna have to live with what’s gonna happen. So I think our opinions should be treasured, applied, and used.” Georgie, youth audience member
  • “If this time is about getting comfortable with some things falling apart and in the nick of time finding our way through, what is the learning we need to be doing now to be creating those conditions?…Welcoming learning from [nature and] systems of life is central to what we have to do to get through this in the nick of time.” Toby, audience member

Event Keepsakes

  • Livestream of The Future of Learning