What Is Living Story?

We live by story. We are hardwired to do so.

There are many kinds of stories. Some, such as myths, fairy tales and indigenous creation stories, have deep roots in the earth and psyche. These stories are whole-making: they have the power to hold us, to create the world anew, to recognize and honor every being’s place in the web of life.

Other stories grow out of our conditioning and life experience: often these stories can be diminishing, separating, and disconnecting. They limit our understanding of who we are and what is possible.

Each of us is full of these many kinds of stories: some stories dwell in light, others in our shadow. Stories are our internal navigational system. If we are not in connection with them or aware of them, we lose our way, individually and collectively. They work upon and through us. They exert their power whether we are aware of them or not. Many are unconscious and unexamined. Some are destructive.

Most importantly, stories are alive and in motion. It is possible to intervene mid-story, shift our trajectory, and bring another possibility forward.

The Living Story Collaborative responds to the need across many groups, communities, and movements for methods, practices, spaces, and skillful facilitation that deepen our awareness of how we are living in stories and how we may, together, create and live renewed stories for a healthier world.