Teacher Renewal

Bringing Passion for Learning into the Classroom, One Teacher at a Time
The Teacher Renewal Workshop Series is designed for anyone who works in any K-12 classroom setting and is offered to all educators. This three-part workshop series draws upon the Academy’s unique learning model to reconnect educators with their innate love of learning and their original inspiration to teach.

A teacher’s vocational longing is a potent source for renewal and transformation. The Teacher Renewal Workshop Series invites participants to use experiential learning, artistic expression, reflection, and peer-to-peer dialogue to access that underlying inspiration together. Reinvigorated, they develop their capacity to stand as exemplars of lifelong learners before their students.

Participation in all three full-day workshops is key to the success of this program. The three-day workshops are open to all teachers (registration is required) and are approved for Professional Development by the Santa Fe Public School District. Offered each spring and fall, the workshops are sequential and spread out over the course of the semester. This allows participants to develop community and fellowship, and to experiment with workshop material in their classrooms.

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