Kira Jones is a writer, an educator, an education reformer, an activist, and a mother. She holds Master’s degrees in Education and Journalism, and is always ready to challenge convention in pursuit of transformational pedagogy. A native New Mexican, Kira has lived in England, France, New York City, Chicago, Rhode Island, Guatemala, Hawaii and, most recently, Barcelona. She is a published journalist, an aspiring poet, a blogger, and author of a memoir in progress.

Kira is a networker and a relationship builder, committed to systemic reform, and believes education must be relevant to young people’s lives and to the pressing local and global issues of our time. She was a founding teacher at Amy Biehl High School, one of the first charter schools to open in New Mexico, and has also worked as a coach for Big Picture Learning in Providence, Rhode Island. Kira currently works as a program development consultant and facilitator, and lives in Santa Fe with her daughter and two cats.

Kira Jones is involved with Inspire Santa Fe