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Thomas Jaggers is a teacher, facilitator, and community leader and activist. He has been a key staff member at the Academy since 2004, and has been involved in every aspect of the Academy’s programs and management. He is now a member of the Academy’s Stewardship Team, sits on the Academy faculty, and is an organizational consultant for the Academy’s Ventana Project.

Thomas is a teacher of MogaDao Qigong, Daoist meditation and Sacred Daoist Sexuality. He serves as Board member and Community Relations Director for the MogaDao Institute in Santa Fe.

As a facilitator, Thomas brings a passionate approach to social change and transformation. He seeks to create forums in which people can speak openly and be heard by each other in a space of compassion and vulnerability.

Thomas is a keen hiker and soccer player, and a very poor yet enthusiastic guitarist.

Thomas Jaggers is involved with Ventana & Foundational Studies and Practices

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