Certificate in Learning as a Practice

Explore the 'love of learning'
The Certificate in Learning as a Practice curriculum is built around Evenings of Exploration, monthly two hour workshops that introduce the Academy’s learning model and practices central to our work. Through interactive dialogue, Evenings explore how learning can lead to personal transformation and expression of our innate gifts and unique qualities.

Evenings of Exploration

Evenings of Exploration present key elements of the Academy’s curriculum in workshops that are free and open to anyone. These workshops offer a brief but potent taste of our work. Held through the year, Evenings of Exploration introduces learning as an intentional practice and exercise in “waking up.”

Workshops last two and a half hours and examine different themes related to the Academy’s learning model such as ‘finding the gift in disorientation,’ ‘inviting the creative spirit,’ and ‘why slowing down matters.’ Through interactive dialogue and experiential exercises, we discover what lives behind ‘the love of learning’ and how learning can lead not merely to the accumulation of facts or even knowledge but also to transformation and the expression of innate gifts.

Upcoming Evenings of Exploration
View our 2020 Evenings of Exploration schedule on our events and workshops page.

Certificate in Learning as a Practice Program

Beginning in January 2020 all of our Evenings of Exploration and multi-day Foundation Studies programs offered in Santa Fe will be tied to a “Certificate in Learning as a Practice,” allowing participants to work through our programming in pathways with a faculty advisor and a community of co-learning peers, if desired, or continue participating in them as one-offs without the certificate option.

This Certificate will offer a clear pathway for participants while fulfilling our requirement of an ongoing curriculum. The level 1 curriculum is made up of five free Evenings of Exploration and four fee-based foundational workshops. Participants are required to fill out an application and they will be paired with a faculty advisor. Participants will be able to matriculate at any time and any workshop completed in 2020 or later will count towards the certificate. The introduction to Learning as a Practice is prerequisite for further levels of certification and we imagine introducing a Level 2 within 2-3 years.

We will offer at least two open evenings in 2020 as an Introduction to certificate program, one in March and one in June.

In addition to the benefits for participants, the program is intentionally synergistic with faculty development and training and will engage all faculty members. It will also serve a donor cultivation purpose and generate revenue through paid programming.

Certificate Application Details

Application Requirements:

(1) Application:

  • Application form with a series of self-reflective questions along the lines of the application for LBB.
  • Intake with faculty ‘registrar’ for the program
  • Faculty advisor identified and initial conversation based on responses application questions
  • Application and formal acceptance into the program can take place at any time. Applicants can accumulate the required E of Es retroactively.

(2) Five Evenings of Exploration (can be taken in any order):
Each evening will be offered twice in 2020

  • The Hidden Gift in Disorientation
    • Disorientation as an integral aspect of transformational learning.
  • Why Slowing Down Matters
    • Learn to slow and recognize reaction as it arises in the moment in order to create space for discernment within oneself.
  • Revealing the Pattern
    • Through identifying habitual patterns of reaction, and seeing them more clearly, find the possibility of choice.
  • The Power in Story
    • Recognize how our stories inform us, and the potential for growing and changing them – being changed by them.
  • Drawing from Experience
    • Explore ‘identity’ through creative expression – use of creative expression as a form for reflection

(3) Four foundational workshops:
Two of the one-day workshops will be offered in the fall of 2020, all four will be offered during 2021

  • Partnering
  • LeAP (Impulse Exercise)
  • Clearing the Lens
  • Polarity

(4) One-on-one meeting with faculty advisor at the mid-point

(5) Final meeting with faculty advisor prior to completion

Certificate Experience

What participants will experience and take away:

  • An experiential and ethical understanding of learning as a practice in service of waking up to wholeness and interdependence
  • Frameworks and exercises that support the practice of learning
  • The essentiality of somatic awareness in recognizing and tracking experience
  • Engaged Awareness in Action
  • Recognition of internalized patterns that limit wellbeing and resources to support making different choices
  • Increased tolerance for the disorientation that comes with change
  • Awareness of connection both within oneself and with an other, and how to come back to that connection when it’s lost
  • Embracing vulnerability as a portal for transformation
  • Experiences and practices to support learning in yourself and others that you can integrate into your personal and professional life.

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