A Setonian Evening

Discussion of Nature, Environment, Life, Lifecraft
Beginning in the 1930s Ernest Thompson Seton held evening salons for discussing a wide range of topics. The Academy’s Seton Legacy Project is reviving this tradition with a series focusing on our relationship to the natural world. What “learnings,” warnings and inspirations might we find out there—and within ourselves—with close examination and reflection?

We will explore topics suggested by Seton, starting with readings from his stories. We want to hear your stories as we examine together what is important about our experience with wildlife and wild places.

Event Details

Date: December 8th - October 29th, 2015
Time: Multi-day Event

Our Setonian evenings take place amid the drawings and books of the Seton Gallery. The setting is informal, a perfect atmosphere for the sharing of ideas and insights.

Topics by week:

October 13: Natural Disorientation, Getting Lost and Found:

Starting with Seton (and the “Lobo” tale), we will share stories of making assumptions (and being bound by them, even if wrong), of successfully finding your way (or losing your way), and finding a path to transformation within wild nature.

November 10: Connecting Seton to the Academy through Lifecraft

Seton developed a philosophy of outdoor education disseminated through his Woodcraft League. It was about learning and living; it matches the learning model of the Academy for the Love of Learning in several respects.

December 8: The Radical Natural History of Generally True Patterns

Combining the teachings of Seton and Muir with Systems Theory, we find that the dissimilar systems of physics, biology and society work in remarkably similar ways demonstrating our connection to nature (and disproving the prevailing theory of our disconnection).


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