Curator, Seton Legacy Project

David L. Witt, curator of the Seton Legacy Project, oversees research, collections, exhibitions, and educational programming related to the art, writings, and philosophy of Ernest Thompson Seton (1860-1946), the artist/naturalist who once owned the estate where the Academy now stands. David presents lectures, storytelling and art shows onsite at the Seton Gallery and Seton Castle.

David is the founder of the New Mexico Art History Conference (1986) and former curator of the University of New Mexico’s Harwood Museum of Art in Taos (1979-2005). He has written and produced scores of exhibitions and articles on the art and art history of New Mexico. He holds degrees from Kansas State University and the University of Oklahoma.

David is the author of four award-winning books: Ernest Thompson Seton, The Life and Legacy of an Artist and Conservationist (2010), Modernists in Taos from Dasburg to Martin (2002), Spirit Ascendant: The Art and Life of Patrociño Barela (1996), and Taos Moderns: Art of the New (1992).

Recent e-books include a novel, The Prairie Suite, An Old World, a New Beginning (2014), and a nonfiction work, Generally True Patterns, A New Natural History of Recognizing Ourselves as a Part of Nature (2015). He writes two blogs: one on Seton, and a second on history and environmental topics, illustrated with his photography.

Posts by David L. Witt

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