Fostering a Respectful Environment

On Friday, April 28th from 5-8 PM, over 50 mentorship pairs, their family, friends, and the Santa Fe community will gather at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market Pavilion to engage one-on-one with both protégés and mentors as they share what they have learned in the fields they care about most: computer coding, electric guitar, basketball, architecture, creative writing, culinary art, ballroom dance and much more! As we prepare for the Inspire Santa Fe Citywide Festival, we are sharing some of the unique learning happening within the program’s diverse mentorships. Monica Caldas, Inspire’s mentorship facilitator, recently visited Danicia and Melodi to see how their mentorship in hairstyling was coming along

When Danicia, a senior at Santa Fe High School, expressed a desire to pursue a career in hair and makeup, Monica knew just who to call! Melodi Wyss-Feliciano, owner of Rock Paper Scissor Salon in the DeVargas Shopping Center, knows all aspects of the hair salon business, so was a perfect fit for Danicia. So far, it seems as though Melodi has positively modeled navigating the hairstyling business and trade, and has nurtured Danicia’s excitement to begin cosmetology school after graduating from high school.

Danicia is impressed with the way Rock Paper Scissors is run. She says that everyone there is really nice, willing to answer questions, and that everyone seems to get along and work well together as a team. Monica suggested that she sit in on a staff meeting to see if she can learn more about how Melodi has fostered this kind of respectful environment, as it could add another layer of learning to their mentorship, especially because Danicia hopes to own her own salon someday.

When Monica visited Rock Paper Scissor Salon to witness the mentorship in action, she said, “Danicia is learning a lot from Melodi and the other hair stylists at Rock Paper Scissor. It was great getting to see the mannequin she is currently working on; the highlights she has done so far look great and I look forward to seeing what she does with the rest of the head!”

Melodi says that, apart from the work they’ve been doing together at the salon, Danicia is working on her mannequin at home so she can keep part of the her project a surprise for the Citywide Festival. We can’t wait to see what they bring to the Inspire Santa Fe Citywide Festival and we hope you join us to find out!

We also hope you can join us for Rock Paper Scissor Salon’s 16th Annual Cut-A-Thon on Sunday, April 30th from 12-5 PM! Every year, Melodi chooses an organization in the community to support, and hosts a day of haircuts at her salon, with all of the proceeds going to the chosen organization. This year, Melodi and her team at Rock Paper Scissors chose Inspire Santa Fe as the benefit recipient.

For just $25, you can get a haircut from Santa Fe’s top rated salon, and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Inspire Santa Fe’s mentorship program. If you want to ensure you have a spot, and get a little extra pampering with a wash and blow dry, call ahead for a $50 VIP spot at (505) 955-8500. You can also visit their website for more details: