Journey of a Thousand Steps

Last year, Teaching Artist Amy Lin and Teacher Samantha Koroneos paired in Grade 5 at Amy Biehl Community School. For the final project, Mrs. Koroneos’ fifth graders evolved as storytellers with three new media: clay, photography and video, culminating in a stop-motion claymation.

Each student wrote a story and sketched a main character. The stories became illustrations and the characters, colorful clay figures. Next, they synthesized ideas into one collective story, combining common themes with unique experiences. Beyond writing and illustrating, students assumed multiple roles as set designer, actor, director, camera operator, etc.

Through this project the students made connections between classroom activities and real life. In this project, as in life, they are not just telling a story, they are the story. The story is not just about a journey, it is the journey. Every frame, every pose is a choice made in the moment, to rest, transition or take action. As students move their characters for the camera, one increment at a time, they learn to regard their own steps and their own time with awareness and come to see their stories as part of an epic journey extending from the past, intertwining with the present and reaching far into the future, beyond their lifetime.

We’re happy to announce that Amy Lin has taken on a new role in El Otro Lado in the Schools. For the 2016/2017 school year she will be co-facilitating trainings and supporting new Teaching Artists and Teachers.