The Academy’s Creative Action Team brings the power of participatory story to The World We Make with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

The Academy for the Love of Learning’s Creative Action Team (CAT) will be participating in the Center for Healthy Minds presentation of The World We Make with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Madison, Wisconsin March 7-9, 2016.

The Academy for the Love of Learning’s Creative Action Team (CAT) is a team of seasoned creative practitioners who design and facilitate joyful participatory processes & creative engagements for select groups around important topics.

Versed in a range of creative mediums and drawing on many years of applied practice, CAT joins with groups to create unique events, surfacing critical, essential and inspirational themes and bringing them into relevant poetic expressions that galvanize and energize the group. Skilled in The Academy’s depth facilitation practices, CAT facilitators lift and strengthen personal and collective voices, participation and vision.

The World We Make with His Holiness the Dalai Lama is asking the questions, “How might the world look roughly 15 years from now if we choose well-being today? While economic prosperity has generally increased, why haven’t happiness and well-being?” The Center for Healthy Minds is leading the scientific inquiry into how we can decrease the costs related to depression and stress-related disorders that are projected to double to $6 trillion by 2030 and how we can learn to be happy, kind, and grateful.

Along with the Dalai Lama, the Center is gathering world leaders in science, health care and media to alter humanity’s course and share how we can cultivate well-being in ourselves, our communities and the world.

This is an ideal place for the Creative Action Team to bring their work. CAT brings itself to participatory settings to explore, practices and develop forms for unearthing the stories we live by—remembering stories conducive to life, letting go of those stories that are not, while learning to create renewed collaborative narratives that are consonant with health and wellbeing for ourselves, our communities and the planet. The Team creates shared horizons of experience—collective touchstones from which we can grow, transform and become better at being human beings

This is a return for CAT as the Team was originally catalyzed from a 2014 partnership with The Center for Healthy Minds. In 2014 CAT created participatory events for The Academy for Contemplative and Ethical Leadership in Vermont and at the Lensic Theater in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We will be sending updates to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds throughout the conference. Please follow us! The main public event of The World We Make will be Livestreamed on March 9. Go to to sign up or for more information. 

“I was really (really) skeptical before we began! And I was completely blown away with the depth and lightness of the “show” – we had spent the week talking about social fields, and you went up there and demonstrated to perfection, what some of the core elements of generative social fields are.” -Mette Miriam Rakel Böll, Academy for Contemplative and Ethical Leadership Participant on CAT

“I hope it was as clear to you as it was to me that your performative piece on Friday night was extraordinarily powerful and effective. We said at our planning meeting that if we were lucky the actual 6 days might uncover the thing we are trying to study — the generative social field. You did that for us in the most delightful, playful, deep, soulful and palpable way.” –Diana Chapman-Walsh

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The Creative Action Team:

Molly Sturges

Aaron Stern

Chrissie Orr

Acushla Bastible

CAT Affiliates: Hakim Bellamy, Amy Lin, Vanessa Torres, Adam Horowitz, Logan Phillips