Who Are We? Seth Biderman

At the heart of the Academy for the Love of Learning’s curriculum is the belief that each of us has a unique voice and contribution to make to the world. Academy Founder Aaron Stern refers to this as the thing that is “at the core of our being.”

Like most organizations we are a collection of humans, with many different voices, passions and capabilities. The nature of our work causes us to ask a unique set of questions. Questions that are rooted in the Academy’s “I/We/It” Framework.

Who am I? Who are we when we are together? What is mine to do in the world?

In this video series we will introduce you to the people who represent the “we” at the Academy. We hope this helps you get to know us better, and prompts you to ask yourself some of the same questions. Including, who are you at the core of your being? Here is a video of Seth Biderman, our Manager of The Institute for Teaching.