Understanding the Spirit of Coming Full Circle

Coming Full Circle is a training in the art of death and dying led by Roshi Sanchi Reta Lawler, a facilitator and teacher with over 35 years of experience leading transformational workshops. Coming Full Circle is offered once each year in the fall at the Academy’s campus in Seton Village.

Some of the impulses explored in this training are personal beliefs regarding death and dying in the context of our own cultural and spiritual heritage and the process of grief as a primary means of in-depth transformation, both personally and for our world. All this while exploring the use of music, art, film and poetry, as creative invitations to enter the mystery of death.

In this video series we show the transformation that takes place when we come together to support one another in exploring death and dying, and more importantly, in living. As Njoroge Tho-Biaz said in his interview, “A course in death and dying really taught me how to live.”

Here is Alysha Shaw on her experience with Coming Full Circle:

Here is Njoroge Tho-Biaz on his experience with Coming Full Circle: