Randle Charles, Oneida from Six Nations and Oneida of the Thames, is an artist and a facilitator. Randle facilitates workshops and public programs at the Academy.

Randle’s work in and with many Indigenous communities throughout North America inspires his persistent quest towards decolonization and cultural vitality. He holds the belief that colonization transmuted into opportunity challenges us to explore what highest aspirations of human potential looks like. It is this practice that has inspired both his art and facilitation.

As a facilitator, Randle has been leading and designing transformative experiences for groups and individuals in wilderness and professional settings for over 20 years. Randle's approach arises from his unique pursuit of the arts, the creative mindset they provide and his experience guiding people to successfully meet their individual goals, build mental flexibility, and develop resiliency. 

Regardless of the medium, Randle is striving to increase awareness, preserve, and continue in the way of his ancestors on his own journey, and hold space for others at pivotal moments along their paths.

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