Certificate in Learning as a Practice

The Academy for the Love of Learning is excited to announce the launch of the Certificate in Learning as a Practice, a curriculum-based program, which explores how learning can lead to personal transformation and expression of our innate gifts and unique qualities.

The Certificate in Learning as a Practice is a new self-paced program based in the Academy’s learning model that explores how practicing awareness and engaged action invites transformational learning, greater understanding of our innate qualities and how the self engages with the communities around us. The Academy is offering a new pathway to engaging with our work in order to deepen the impact of our monthly workshops, Evenings of Exploration, and provide our friends with ways to further incorporate the Academy’s work into their practice as an individual, learner, educator, and professional. Through the Certificate, we aim to share our body of work and learning model with new communities through each students’ unique embodiment of transformational learning and sharing of our learning practice with their communities. Intended experiences and take aways for Certificate participants are:

  • An experiential and ethical understanding of learning as a practice in service of waking up to wholeness and interdependence
  • Frameworks and exercises that support the practice of learning
  • The essentiality of somatic awareness in recognizing and tracking experience
  • Engaged Awareness in Action
  • Recognition of internalized patterns that limit wellbeing and resources to support making different choices
  • Increased tolerance for the disorientation that comes with change
  • Awareness of connection both within oneself and with an other, and how to come back to that connection when it’s lost
  • Embracing vulnerability as a portal for transformation
  • Experiences and practices to support learning in yourself and others that you can integrate into your personal and professional life.

Certificate Description

Beginning in January 2020 all of our Evenings of Exploration and Foundation Studies programs offered in Santa Fe will be tied to a “Certificate in Learning as a Practice.” Participants in these programs can now choose to work through our core programming on an intentional pathway, with the support of a faculty advisor, or can continue to attend as one-offs without the certificate option.

This Level 1 of the Certificate in Learning as a Practice consists of five Evenings of Exploration and four one-day foundational workshops. This is a self-paced program, meaning that participants can choose to enroll at any time during the year and any Evenings of Exploration and workshops taken in 2020 and beyond will count towards certification. Level 1 is an introduction to Learning as a Practice and is prerequisite for further levels of certification. We imagine introducing a Level 2 by 2023.

We will offer two open evenings as an Introduction to the Certificate Program:
Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020
Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

Our 2020 Evenings of Exploration schedule can be found at our
Events & Workshops page

Lean more about Certificate in Learning as a Practice program and application details here